Cosic M., Folic B., Sedmak S.: Buckling Analysis of 3D Model of Slender Pile in Interaction with Soil Using Finite Element Method, Structural Integrity and Life, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2012. pp. 221-232.


The paper describes the modelling and stability analysis of slender piles using finite element method. The concept of a modified stability analysis of 3D model pile–soil–pile cap is formulated; it is formed from solid finite element models for the two types of soil, and a single-pile. Connection in pile–soil contact is modelled using link elements. The terms of the level of normalised critical load Pcr/PE 3D model of pile–soil–pile cap are derived using regression analysis of the power function. On the basis of performed numerical tests and regres­sion analyses expressions are derived for the buckling length coefficient b as a function of pile length, pile stiff­ness and soil stiffness. Research has shown that the use of sophisticated mathematical models and numerical analysis is justified and necessary in order to gain better insight into the behaviour of slender piles in terms of stability. The paper points to the complex shape of the buckling of slender piles with a number of half waves.


slender pile, stability analysis, finite element analysis, solid finite elements, contact elements link

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