Ladjinovic Dj., Folic R., Cosic M.: Comparative Analysis of Seismic Response of Regular and Irregular Multi-Storey Frame Buildings, The 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Ohrid, Macedonia, 2010, Paper No. 116. pp. 1-8.


The aim of the paper is to assess the usability of nonlinear simplified methods for practical application for regular and irregular frame structure with different stories. The behaviour of regular and irregular, four and eight multi-storey RC frames, were analyzed using pushover analysis which allows for a more realistic estimation of seismic demands of multi-storey buildings. Nonlinear modeling and analysis allows more accurate determination of stresses, strains, deformations, internal forces and displacements of critical structural components, results that can then be utilized for the final design of the frame components or evaluation of the building global strength capacity and ductility. Numerical modelling of nonlinear behaviour is carried out by applying plastic hinges and the model ith inelastic fibers. Estimation of target displacement is performed using capacity spectrum method, equivalent linearization method, coefficient method and displacement modification method. Comparative analysis of pushover curves obtained with plastic hinges model and structural model with inelastic fibers are performed.


seismic demands, multi-storey buildings, pushover analysis, target displacement, plastic hinges

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