Folic R., Cosic M., Folic B.: Damping Models for Flow Chart Based Structural Analysis, The 15th International Science Conference VSU, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015. pp. 155-164.


This paper presents the aspects of damping modelling in structural analysis through the systematization of damping types and flowcharts, depending on the type of analysis applied: linear and non-linear, static and dynamic. Damping has been systematized based on the way it was introduced into calculations, i.e. over material damping, link element damping and damping directly introduced into the analyses which are conducted in capacitive, time and frequency domains. In the process of creating numerical structural models, the type of damping and the way of its introduction into structural analysis can be very efficiently selected by applying the flow charts developed. By applying the developed flowcharts, alternative approaches to the introduction of damping into structural analysis can also be defined.


damping, structural analysis, flowchart

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