Vasic M., Djogo M., Cosic M.: Geotechnical Conditions for Building a New Tunnel Instead of the Old One Trough the Petrovaradin Fortress Hill, Rating Condition, Maintenance and Renovation of Buildings and Settlements, Zlatibor, Serbia, 2007, pp. 71-78.


In the peaper briefly are presented aspects of widening of the old existing tunnel or conditions for building of a new one with enlarged cross-sectin. In smaller part the tunnel would be built in soft rocks, while the greater part would be built in diabases of the Fortress, in which specific quasi-homogenous zones with building conditions are separated, while the classification system also considers building conditions from time when the existing tunnel was built. Tthe Fortress has great cultural-historical significance so that it was necessary to consider how builing of a tunnel would affect the objects of on the surface. To that end into comparatively detailed analysis, made according to parameters available in this examination phase, several cross-sections of the tunnel have been introduced. Data here presented are certainly interesting to wider professional public,  from the geotechnical aspect, but also due to the fact that in the near past it was the first tunnel-bridge which connected Novi Sad and Petrovaradin.


tunnel, diabases  and soft rocks, zoning in tunnel and excavation classes

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