Cosic M., Brcic S.: Ground Motion Processing Methodology for Linear and Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Structures, Journal of Construction (Izgradnja), Vol. 66, No. 11-12, 2012, pp. 511-526.


This paper presents a methodology for the processing of accelerograms used for the seismic analysis of structures. Terms are defined and procedures are explained in more detail for the calculation of accelerograms, such as: selection, formatting, conversion, scaling, calculation, processing, compatibilization, normalization, filtering, generation and transformation. These procedures are performed in time, frequency, frequency FFT, FFT frequency-time and capacitive domain. Limitations of procedures have been placed clearly by defining the terms for each of them, so some procedures are autonomous, but on the other hand the mathematical formulation and the physic of the problem of certain procedures are overlaping or they are complementary.


ground motion record, response spectra, signal processing, seismic analysis

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