Cosic M., Brcic S., Susic N., Folic R., Bozic-Tomic K.: Development of Ground Motion Record Surface and Response Spectra Surface, The 6th International Conference of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2018, pp. 343-354.


The paper is presenting a mathematical formulation of an originally developed ground motion record surface (GMRS) and response spectra surface (RSS) for the presentation of 2D seismic ground motion records (GMR) and the corresponding response spectra (RS), respectively. These surfaces are constructed by transformation from 2D polar coordinate system to a 3D cylindrical coordinate system and then to the 3D orthogonal coordinate system. The principle of application of three orthogonal coordinates for each discrete value is used in order to achieve easy manipulation and interpolation of spatial surface. Scaling of accelerograms was carried out using two procedures: the Least Square Method (LSM) and Spectral Matching (SM).


earthquake, ground motion record surface (GMRS), response spectra surface (RSS), scaling

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