Cosic M.: Incremental, Total and Hybrid Formulation in Adaptive Pushover Analysis of Buildings, PHIDAC 2010, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2010, pp. 275-282.


This paper discusses numerical aspects of determination and correction of lateral forces by applying incremental, total and hybrid formulation. General procedure for computing the nonlinear analysis of buildings is incremental-iterative procedure, and additional correction carrying out using the nonlinear static adaptive pushover analysis (NSAPA). NSAPA analysis is based on successive correction of lateral seismic forces form nonlinear static conventional pushover analysis (NSCPA). For determination the conditions of equilibrium apply incremental, total and hybrid Lagrange’s formulation, which is a concept formulated in continuum mechanics. The research presented in this paper was conducted on a multi-storey system applying NSAPA analysis, whose calculation is based on force (FBA) and displacement (DBA) in function of the type of applied formulation.


incremental-iterative procedure, pushover analysis, incremental updating

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