Cosic M., Brcic S.: Iterative Displacement Coefficient Method: Mathematical Formulation and Numerical Tests, Journal of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers, Vol. 65, No. 3, 2013. pp. 199-211.


This paper presents mathematical formulation and numerical tests of originally developed Iterative Displacement Coefficient Method (IDCM). The IDCM method is a procedure in the field of seismic analysis of structures based on the Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis. The target displacement level is determined by using a double iterative procedure developed in the IDCM. The first iterative procedure is carried out simultaneously by forces and displacements, while the second iterative procedure is carried out by correction of obtained solution for the target displacement over a pushover curve. Implementation of the IDCM method is performed by development of the computer code Nonlin Quake TD.


target displacement, iterative displacement coefficient method, Nonlin Quake

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