Cosic M., Folic R., Folic B.: Seismic Performances of the Structures at Variation of Artificial Accelerograms, Journal of the Croatian Association of Civil Engineers, Vol. 66, No. 9, 2014. pp. 787-800.


The paper deals with the impact of changes in parameters of the artificial accelerograms on the seismic performances of structures. Thereby the seismic response and the seismic damage were analyzed. Nonlinear response of the system is determined by the incremental dynamic analysis (IDA), while the damage analysis of the system was considered by the damage index. The study found that for generation of the artificial accelerograms a considerable number of cycles is required, which improves the fit range of the response spectra relative to the range of the response spectra according to EN 1998-1, which is measured by a deviation of the spectral acceleration curves as a function of the ductility of the system. Increasing the time duration of the accelerograms slightly reduces the level of ductility for a corresponding value of the damage index.


artificial accelerograms, performances of structures, IDA analysis, damage analysis

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