Cosic M., Brcic S.: Analysis of the Failure Mechanisms of Buildings Considering the Static Indeterminacy and Kinematic Stability, Journal of Construction (Izgradnja), Vol. 68, No. 11-12, 2014, pp. 481-494.


This paper presents a concept of analysis of the failure mechanisms of buildings based on basic principles of the statics, considering the static indeterminacy and kinematic stability. The research was conducted by modeling the failure mechanisms which commonly occur in buildings exposed to the earthquake: according to the Capacity Design Method (CDM), “strong collumns – weak beams”, “weak collumns – strong beams”, “soft storey”, “flexible ground storey”, “discontinuity of stiffness”, the influence of the rigid parapet, system with cantilivers, irregular systems in elevation, system stiffened with vertical reinforced concrete wall and displaced part of the wall on the ground floor. Also, the complex failure mechanisms are considered due to the combination of a single or partially developed more previously mentioned failure mechanisms.


buildings, failure mechanisms, static indeterminacy, kinematic stability, earthquake

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