Pile Tests

Cosic M., Folic R., Susic N.: Pile Tests (presentation)

Based on the analysis of a large number of scientific papers, the authors of this presentation show their own classification pile tests. The general classification is conducted using high strain and low strain tests, i.e. tests whose basic purpose is to determine the capacity of piles and tests the purpose of which is to analyze the integrity of piles. The pile capacity and integrity tests are critically analyzed by defining their advantages and disadvantages using in-situ investigations, cost effectiveness, requirements regarding the special education of engineers, the quality of data obtained, complexity of data processing and the quality of the processed end results. The proposed classification of pile capacity and pile integrity tests enables to identify very effectively which is the optimal test type for further geotechnical analysis of structures and which type of test should be used in the phase of geotechnical testing for designing and scientific research.

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